A sharing of some of Tara's insights and thoughts:

The following was written intially as a response to an article in the local Raglan community newspaper...

Hope is an active principle.

Being in a hopeful state is not a sitting back waiting for God/the Universe, another person to do things for me, to bring me riches or to change a difficult situation. Being hopeful is sitting positively with myself and the world. Will I be able to see the opportunities and challenges that arise? I need to have awareness of myself and others. Who am I? Do I have the courage to go within and meet myself? When I get to know myself more, I might start to see what I need and want and I might discover what I want to change. So I sit back and surrender and watch myself unfold. When I do that, I notice a space in my heart and when I breathe into the expansiveness within, hope streams in all directions. (NewGrove, Raglan, 06/09/2009)